Hario Mobile Mill STICK

Hario Mobile Mill STICK

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  • Works with the Hario Smart G or Ceramic Silm Grinder (Grinder sold separately)

  • 1 min to grind 15-20g of coffee

  • USB powered, fully charged can power through 25 times 

A revolution in mobile coffee grinding.

Just pop on top of Hario Smart G grinder or Ceramic slim, and push the button. 3 light battery indicator lithium powered stick rotates the grinder seamlessly without any hassles. No need for tired wrists, which you know can happen if you're grinding for more than one cup or finer grind. 

Takes approximately 1 min to grind 15-20g of medium fine coffee.

We’re happy with the consistency Hario ceramic grinders give us especially for filter coffee. 

Extension included to work with Hario Smart G grinder or Hario Ceramic Slim. For the Ceramic slim, you need to pop on a metal adapter to fit, which is of course included in the box. So no need to buy the new smart G if you already have the traditional Hario ceramic slim. Grind quality are basically the same.

With one full charge through any usb power source, you can use up to 25 times a 1 min grind. Only around 300g, 500g with the Smart G grinder, great for taking anywhere with you for the perfect brew.

Grinder is sold separately, and will not function with just the Mobile Mill STICK on its own.


Weight: 600g with box / 300g stand alone
Materials: ABS resin
Socket: Steel
Sticker: PET resin
Grinder holder: Methacrylic resin
Made in China