Colombia Roberto Martinez

Sweet and bright aroma, taste of muscat and mandarin orange, rich sweetness like caramel


Colombia Roberto Martinez (Light Roast)

Country Colombia
Process Natural
Region La Esperanza, Camberos, Pitalito, Huila
Variety Pink Bourbon
Altitude 1750m
Flavor note Muscat, Blood orange, Caramel, Berry juice
Barista's comment Sweet and bright aroma, taste of muscat and mandarin orange, rich sweetness like caramel.


A lot of interesting studies have been going on in Colombia’s major coffee producing areas in recent years, examining varieties of coffee processing along with the classic washed and natural processes.
As is often the case with many other fruits, it is widely known that coffee cherries grow bigger with more goodness such as bright acidity, sweetness and flavors if they are in a high-altitude environment that has a big temperature difference between day and night. This particular set of conditions sounds pretty crucial for a successful coffee production, but actually, it is not necessarily so. There are so many wonderfully delicious coffee classified as specialty coffee produced in places without many highlands, such as Brazil and Colombia, and that’s where human knowledge and skills come in- a fine selection of coffee varieties and knowing how to process them.

By selecting and applying the right process, we can actually achieve even more than what nature can. This Roberto Martinez is one of those cases, and the complex fruity flavor is brought out by 38 hours of fermentation in a plastic bag before the drying process, then the cherries are dried slowly in a greenhouse for 20-25 days instead of the regular sun-drying.

In the roasting process, we paid close attention especially to the gas control of the second half. We started turning the gas down from quite early on, but with enough heat left to go on. We recommend grinding this coffee fine to bring out the sweetness and the body. AeroPress would be a perfect match to brew a cup full of deep and intricate fruitiness.

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