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April Dripper

APRIL Paper Filter (50 sheets of April Paper Filter)

APRIL Paper Filter (50 sheets of April Paper Filter)

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This is a paper filter dedicated to April brewing-kit!

1. The world's only paper filter dedicated to the APRIL brewing kit

Of course, it is a special paper. The shape is similar to Kalita's wave filter, but it is a filter paper dedicated to the april brewing kit, created through repeated research by april coffee founder Patrik. (Drip is also possible with Kalita wave paper.) )

2. Calculated thickness and height

Since it is designed to be slightly thinner than conventional wave paper, it prevents hot water from accumulating in the dripper more than necessary.

3. Material

We use carefully selected wood pulp to minimize the paper odor as much as possible.

4. Filter shape

The bottom is designed to fit the bottom of the APRIL brewing kit, and the filter height can be slightly increased to accommodate a lot of drip at the same time.


(From left to right, Kalita155, April paper filter, and Kalita185 are in that order.)


All carefully crafted points are designed to produce optimal flow rates.

Check out the video where Patrik, creator and founder of April coffee, talks passionately about paper filters!Paper Introduction Video(English audio)






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