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Premium: Ethiopia Gesha Village Surma [Light roast]

Premium: Ethiopia Gesha Village Surma [Light roast]

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Jasmine, Strawberry mousse, Grapes, Pear, Rosé wine, Vanilla, Darjeeling

Country: Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Region/Farm: Adam Overton, Surma, Benchi Maji
Variety: Gesha 1931
Altitude: 1,909-2,063m



In April 2023, I attended the "Gesha Village x Santuario Project Cupping Party" hosted by WATARU in Osaka. Many roasters from the Kansai region gathered for the "Santuario Gesha Village Collection 2023," and the unmissable opportunity to cup 34 cups from the 8 sections of the Gesha Village Coffee Estate. 

All of their coffee was a very fine example of a crossover of high quality varieties and the cutting-edge processes. While all were excellent for their uniqueness and quality, 2 cups particularly appealed to us. I could already “smell” something special about them from the stage of dry fragrance evaluation, and that hunch was confirmed once we finished the full cupping. They just felt and tasted right. 

Of course, the other 32 cups were exceptional too, those 2 that stuck out for us also felt right to be “our” coffee. The right combination of cleanness and complexity that makes a regular day special- exactly what we were looking for to be on Kurasu’s shelves. 

After having a hard time making the final decision, we picked this coffee from the Surma area this year too. Very special coffee, a true treat for us roasters to roast too.

Head Roaster Takuya

About the green beans

Harvest: 6 hours
Harvest Date: 30/01/23-03/02/23
Wet will Fermentation Process: 3 hours Cherry floating
Stabilization Process: 20 days
Sample Delivery: 4 days
Total time: 44 days, 9 hours

Farm Area: Ethiopia
Altitude: 1,909-2.063 mts asl
Farm Name: Gesha Village / Santuario
Producer: Adam Overton
Varietal: Surma Gesha 1931


Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide

try Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide

Dripper:Hario V60 Dripper
Coffee : Water Ratio: 14g : 200g
Water temp.:91c

Step by step:

00:00~ 40g(Total: 40g)
00:40~ 60g(Total: 100g)
01:10~ 50g(Total: 150g)
01:40~ 50g(Total: 200g)

02:30 Approx. finish



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