KURASU x WHOSMiNG Drip Coffee Bag
KURASU x WHOSMiNG Drip Coffee Bag

KURASU x WHOSMiNG Drip Coffee Bag

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Kurasu x WHOSMiNG Collaboration xxxxxxx

When talking about Taiwan, we think of tropical fruits and the bright, lively energy. With the image, we create the special blend “WHOSMiNG x Kurasu Blend” for this collaboration.

Stimulating aroma, mandarin oranges and pineapple, Kyoho grape taste, fresh drink.ur drip bags are filled with coffee all roasted by us in Kyoto, then packed in our partner factory in Fukuoka, using with nitrogen flushing to maintain that gorgeous aroma of freshly ground coffee.

It's super easy to brew with, and it's definitely a great alternative to instant coffee to up the game of quick fix to start the day or freshen up in the afternoon.

Coffee Bean Profile:

WHOSMiNG Blend (Light Roast)

Country Ethiopia, Colombia
Process Natural Process, Anaerobic
Region Nensebo, Refisa, Werka
Heirloom Ethiopian, Pink Bourbon
Flavor note Orange, Pineapple, Kyoho grape, Fresh
Barista's comment Stimulating aroma, mandarin oranges and pineapple, Kyoho grape taste, fresh drink.

 12g of ground coffee brews approximately 180ml of coffee.

Ming Liu is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator with experience working on projects ranging from print, web, animation, and motion graphics. As an illustrator, his #mingscups series has become popular and well-known on social media. He's skilled at capturing people’s features, using simple lines and strokes.
In 2016, Ming traveled to Portland, one of the best coffee cities in the US. While sipping on a great cup of coffee at Heart Coffee Roasters, he had a sudden urge of wanting to capture the moment. With a marker and cup in hand, he began spontaneously sketching the barista of Heart Coffee Roasters. He realized that it was an interesting thing, so he kept sketching baristas and photographing the coffee shops he visited while traveling. The #mingscups series has been shared by brands in the US, like Ace Hotel, PUBLIC HOTEL, La Colombe Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia Coffee and more. Ming has also been invited twice to hold solo exhibitions in Tokyo by Japanese brand “Tegamisha (手紙社)”.
Ming has now sketched over 300 cups, in over 30 cities throughout the world, and he is constantly adding to more. In his new book “Travel & Coffee (旅行與咖啡) ” he shares his illustrations and coffee shops in the cities he's visited, including ones in Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Shanghai, Taipei, Kamakura, Sapporo, Havana, Chicago, and Portland.


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