Aeropress (2020 New Model)
Aeropress (2020 New Model)

Aeropress (2020 New Model)

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Discover the freedom of manual brewing

Aeropress is now one of the most sought-after brewing equipment, holding its own world and local championships. How it works looks simple enough, but actually it allows  so much for the creative minds to play, and it has been loved by so many. 

Get hold on one and start your journey of creative brewing!

The box contains:

 1  Aeropress chamber

 1 Aeropress Plunger

 1  Spatula

 1  Measuring spoon

 1  Cap

 1  Funnel

350 sheets of paper filter


Material:Polypropirene, Silicone, Paper

Size:  W105×D120×H287mm

*This is a new model of 2020 Spring.

 Aeropress Micro-filters (350 sheets)