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Flower Dripper

Flower Dripper

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Flower form to bring out the best flavour. 

Famous for being used by the champion of the JHDC 2019 (Japan Hand-Drip Championship) and the JBrC (Japan Brewers Cup), this revolutionary dripper has flower formed ribs which secure sufficient air layer between paper and the dripper. 

These ribs enable coffee grounds to bloom fully and create a deep filtering layer to bring out all of the good flavours. 

Smooth and fast water flow which maintains an even balance of water poured and coffee extracted prevents unpleasant taste from dissolving into your coffee. You get to enjoy the pure beautiful flavours of coffee with this ingenious and stylish dripper!

This dripper can be used with the following paper filters:

CAFEC Abaca Coffee Paper Filter / CAFEC Conical Paper Filter: Tailored for 3 Roasting Levels / Any other conical paper filters. 


1. Shipping begins from early November.
2. Each dripper is hand-crafted. Colour, glaze and shape may differ individually. 
3. Plastic and ceramic matte black only. Other colours of ceramic drippers available from orders above quanitity of 24. Please email for more details. 


    Size: Cup1 (for 1 cup),  Cup4 (for 2-4 cups)
    Shape: Conical, 60°
    Material: Plastic, Ceramic (matte black)

    Made in Japan



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