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Kurasu Bangkok Blend - Light to Medium

Kurasu Bangkok Blend - Light to Medium

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Kurasu proudly presents our House Blend: A classic, well-balanced espresso also great for pourover

Freshly Roasted Every Wednesday 

คูราสุ แบงค็อก เบลนด์ กาแฟตัวประจำของร้านสาขากรุงเทพ ของพวกเรา ฤดูกลาล่าสุด 2023 พวกเราได้คัดเลือกกาแฟไทยจากจังหวัด เชียงราย,เชียงใหม่ มาอยู่ในเบลนด้วยกันสามตัวจาก อำเภอ ไชยปราการ, ดอยปางขอน, ห่วยแม่ริม เป็นความภาคภูมิใจของพวกเราอย่างยิ่งที่ได้เสริฟกาแฟไทยคุณภาพและมีรสชาติที่เป็นเอกลักษณ์ 

ด้วยรสชาติที่หอมกลมกล่อม บวกกับความเปรี้ยวอ่อนๆคล้ายเปลือกเลม่อน ตามมาด้วยรสหวานคล้ายช็อคโกแลต และกลิ่นหอมของดอกไม้สีขาวที่อบอวนหลังกลืน ทำให้กาแฟตัวนี้นำไปทำกับเมนูได้หลากหลาย ดื่มเป็นกาแฟดำก็ให้ความสดชื่น ไม่หนักจนเกินไป ดื่มเป็นกาแฟนมก็กลมกล่อม ให้ความรู้สึกถึงกลิ่นของแอลม่อน และความหวานแบบช๊อคโกแลตตอนท้าย 

Kurasu Bangkok Blend new season 2023

We are so proud of our house blend “Kurasu Bangkok Blend” An amazing Thai coffee from the north Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai - Chaiprakarn, Doi Pangkhon, Huai Mae Liam

⁣⁠with a mellow taste plus a mild acidity like lemon peel, followed by a sweet chocolate and the aroma of white flowers that spread in the after taste. It makes this coffee can be well with a variety of menus. Refreshing when drinking black, not too heavy. Sweet and smooth  with milk, followed by almonds and chocolate finished.

Region:         Huai Mae Liam, Chiang Rai

Varietals:      Catuai, Chiang Mai, Typica

Process:       Anaerobic Natural

Producer:     Asor Merlaeku x Beanspire

Elevation:     1350 MASL

Huai Mae Liam is a coffee producing village whose coffee has never been much known. In the past, the coffee from this village got sent to bigger villages like Doi Chang and Doi Pangkhon and had been marketed under the names of those famous villages. It is important that we recognize the effort of coffee farmers from Huai Mae Liam by giving them the identity they deserve. 

Region: Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai

Process: Kenya-style Washed

Altitude: 1250-1450 masl.

Varietals: Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai, SJ133

Producers: Merlaeku Family x Beanspire

In past years, our Kenya-styled Washed involved a double staged fermentation, which included dry fermentation, followed by wet fermentation and ended with soaking. This harvest season, we experimented with extending the dry fermentation stage even longer, reducing the wet fermentation and soaking stages to a minimum. We dried bamboo raised beds for at least 14 days  and finished off the drying in the lowland.  We believe this experiment has produced a more complex coffee and maybe our standards from now on.  A "Kenya-style washed" process is a processing method that is widely used in Kenya and is known for producing clean, crisp and consistent coffee. We believe this is the best season for Doi Pangkhon in the past 8 years that we've been processing there.

Region: Chaiprakarn, Chiang Mai

Process: Fully Washed

Varietals: Chiang Mai, Typica, Catuai

Altitude: 1250-1450 masl.

Producers: Noi Duongdee x Beanspire

Thai washed coffee is not usually very complex. But this coffee is special. It's processed by a veteran in the coffee industry, Noi Duongdee (38), who has been working as a coffee processor for over 10 years. Noi has worked with one of the pioneer mills in the Thai coffee specialty industry for many years before venturing out to start his own coffee processing plant in Chaiprakarn, Chiang Mail. For this coffee, the cherries are harvested throughout the day and rested for one night in cool temperature before being pulped in the morning. The delayed pulping with a controlled temperature helps add complexity to the coffee. After the coffee is pulped, it is submerged under minimum water to ferment for 18 hours before being cleaned and dried on a patio covered with plastic sheets for cleanliness. The minimum water usage helps retain the complexity, while creating consistency at the same time.



Kurasu Bangkok Blend Light - Medium Roast



Chaiprakarn, Doi Pangkhon, Huai Mae Liam


Washed/ Anaerobic Natural

Flavor note

Lemon peel, Prune, White floral, Almond, Chocolate

Barista's comment
 A classic espresso balanced well suited as black or white. Expect a more full bodied flavor when used as pourover.





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