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Kurasu Thailand

Nankei Pottery Tea Cup: Black Sumi-ink crazed Cup SET OF 3 CUP

Nankei Pottery Tea Cup: Black Sumi-ink crazed Cup SET OF 3 CUP

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A Handful of Delicate Scenery that Leads You to the Journey of Tea.

A uniquely crazed cup pigmented with Sumi-ink


A perfectly sized tea cup with a beautiful pattern pigmented with Sumi-ink.




The compact, 100ml cup (full capacity) is perfect to enjoy a warm cup of tea.


Slightly bigger than Nankei Pottery Tea Cup: Milky White.



This naturally occurred pattern is called crazing, and the glazing reveals this unique pattern benefitting from the difference in how the clay and glazing shrink throughout the process. This crazing is then pigmented with Sumi-ink, a charcoal based ink. 







Since the craze lets the liquid through between its micro-fine lines, the craze will grow deeper in color as you use. Enjoy and embrace the process of "nurturing" your tool and mark your own tea journey with it. 


You may notice a "pinging" sound until the initial crazing process settles down, but this is not a sign of defect or cracking. 


Product Details

Size: w74 / h:55 (mm)

Material: Stoneware

Capacity: 100ml when full

Microwave : X

Direct flame: X

Dishwasher: X




To remove a tea stain, soak the pot overnight in diluted oxygen bleach (for tableware use) to clean. Then rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid any residual smell.

Please avoid exposing the product to a sudden temperature change as it may damage the product.

This product is made of ceramic clay that contains iron powder. You may notice small black spots on the surface, but that is not a sign of defect or malfunction, but a character of the material.

Do not use abrasive sponges, metal scrubbers, or cleansers to clean.





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