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Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle Shizuku (0.9L)

Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle Shizuku (0.9L)

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The ultimate pourover kettle

The original Takahiro Kettle has been a longtime favorite among coffee enthusiasts, and this new line of products is sure to create a new generation of loyal fans!

The Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle Shizuku offers several improvements over their original designs. The stainless steel kettle features an improved, thinner spout which allows for exquisite control over the flow of water. You'll enjoy the control it affords as you release the water drop-by-drop directly beneath the spout.

This design is ideal for professionals and beginners alike. Pour water predictably and easily, while at the same time maintaining precision control of the flow as you create the perfect cup of filter coffee. ​


Expertly crafted tip for the ultimate pour over experience 
Superior control
Our personal favorite kettle
Minimal design, sole purpose to pour the coffee


    Size: 155x240x bottom 120mm
    Weight: 375g
    Capacity: 900ml
    18-8 stainless steel material, materials
    Accepted under direct heat, stove top 
    Although Induction Heat compatible according to Takahiro, not recommended as some will not work 
    Hand-made in Japan


    Customer Questions

    Question: Will there be a profound difference using the Takahiro kettle?

    Answer: It is preference, but Takahiro kettle has the edge in terms of precision pouring and control. If you're after control in your pour-over experience Takahiro is the preferred brand for high-end cafes and coffee lovers.



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