Current Coffee Lineup⁣⁠

At Kurasu Bangkok, we believe exceptional coffee begins with the meticulous art of roasting. It's a process that transforms humble green beans into the aromatic and flavorful beverages we know and love.

A Collaborative Journey:

Our roasting philosophy is a testament to continuous learning and collaboration. Even though we’ve  different coffee lineup, here in Bangkok, we also leverage the expertise of our roasting team in Kyoto, the original home of Kurasu.

Maintaining Peak Quality:

To ensure consistent quality across locations, we've implemented a rigorous quality control program. This includes:


  • Sample Exchange: We regularly send green bean samples to Kyoto for analysis and feedback. Their insights help us refine our roasting profiles to unlock the full potential of each origin.
  • Monthly Collaboration: Our roasting teams in Bangkok and Kyoto hold monthly virtual meetings to share knowledge, discuss best practices, and ensure our roasting techniques remain aligned.

The Kurasu Roast Difference:

This collaborative approach, combined with our commitment to quality, allows us to deliver exceptional coffee experiences in Bangkok. Here's what sets our roasts apart:


  • Highlighting Origin Character: We focus on preserving the unique flavor profiles of each bean, allowing the specific notes of each origin to shine through.
  • Balanced and Approachable: Our roasts are neither too light nor too dark, striking a perfect balance for a smooth and enjoyable cup.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: We roast in small batches to ensure maximum freshness, delivering the full potential of the beans to your cup.

Beyond the Beans:

Our commitment to coffee extends beyond the roasting process. We offer a variety of brewing methods to allow you to experience our roasts at their finest. Our knowledgeable baristas are passionate about coffee and can help you select the perfect cup to match your preferences.

Come Experience the Difference:

Visit Kurasu Bangkok and embark on a coffee journey unlike any other. Explore our diverse menu of single-origin roasts, brewed to perfection.  We invite you to taste the dedication and expertise that goes into every cup, and discover the magic of Kurasu roasting, a collaboration that transcends borders.





⁠Current Coffee Lineup⁣⁠

Ethiopia Gediyo Yirgacheffe [Light roast]

Ethiopia Buncho Honey Sidama [Light roast]

Brazil Inacio Urban [Medium roast]

Tanzania Tembo Tembo [Medium~Dark roast] 

Huai Mae Liam, Chiang Rai [Light roast]

Colombia EA Decaf [Medium roast] 

Bangkok Blend Espresso [Light~Medium roast]

Everyday Blend Espresso [Dark roast]


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