About Us

Hi everyone,

⁣My name is Yozo and I'm the owner and founder of Kurasu.⁣
I would like to personally welcome and thank you so much for joining the Kurasu community.⁣

I started Kurasu in 2013 with the simple vision of wanting to showcase beautiful Japanese coffeeware and culture to the world. Each and every one of our products are carefully hand selected, tested in my home, and only then are put on our online shelves. ⁣

Now in 2020 we've expanded to ship to over 100 countries, catering to more than 300 members on our coffee subscription and we are roasting specialty coffee for our cafes in Kyoto(Kyoto and Fushimi Inari),  Singapore and Bangkok! ⁣

It means a lot to me to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, whether it's to do with our Shipping Policy or about the products, please let me know.⁣

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook too.⁣
Welcome to the Kurasu community!