TORCH Mountain Dripper Brewing Guide

TORCH was founded by Nakabayashi-san, through his pursuit of a coffee gear that realizes his ideal cup of coffee- it has all started when he invented TORCH's masterpiece, Donut Dripper

Donut Dripper is well known for its big dripping hole and steeply angled body. It is specifically designed for dark roast, and its superb ability to express the rich flavor of coffee started to become popular starting in Tokyo, then its fame eventually crossed the sea. 

After a while, Mountain Dripper was born- a perfect dripper for lighter roast. It was designed based on the legendaryDonut Dripper, answering the passionate request from coffee lovers all over the world.


Donut Drippe, it has internal ribbings act as stairs to optimally hold the water to create contact with coffee and extract the rich flavor. At the same time, the central big hole and 4 smaller holes around it let the water stream naturally and avoid any bitter, rough taste.

We love Mountain Dripper at Kurasu- we praise its consistency which results in a balanced cup, highlighting the coffee's sweetness, acidity and richness.

It's been loved by many since it was introduced to the world, and it's been helping many baristas both at home and global brewers cups.

We introduce our favorite recipe for Mountain Dripper. Try it out!

Recipe for Mountain Dripper by Kurasu

You need:
TORCH Mountain Dripper 
Kalita Wave paper filter 155 (or Hario V60 paper filter 01 size)
Drip kettle
Digital scale
Timer (if available)
Coffee grind 14g (EK43:9.5 coarse/medium)
Water temp. 90-93c

01. Set the paper filter onto Mountain Dripper, and pour some hot water to warm them up and to get rid of any papery smell of the filter.

02. Keep the water temperature around 90-93c. If you want less bitterness and more sweetness, lower the temperature down to 88.

03. Put the coffee grind, and gently shake it to get a flat surface. This makes the extraction consistent.

04.Place Mountain Dripper, its wooden base and the server onto the scale and tare. For this recipe, we use 210g of water for 14g of coffee (1:15.)

05. Set off the timer, and pour 30g of water very slowly to evenly wet the coffee grind. Let it bloom well to extract the sweetness. Depending on the beans, especially for lighter roasts, you may want to give the coffee grind a light stir using spoon to encourage it to express the flavor more intensely (It's called "agitation".)  

06. After 30 seconds, pour 70g of water within 30 seconds.

07. Once the timer hits 1 minute, pour another 110g of water. 2 Internal ribbings act as stairs to optimally hold the water to create contact with coffee and make a balanced and clean cup. The whole process should take around 2.20 minutes.

This attractive ceramic dripper comes with natural wooden base and in several soft color variation. While its pleasing aesthetics strongly appeal to many, it is not just pretty- it is undeniably a very able dripper. We highly recommend it. 

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