Current Coffee Lineup⁣⁠

We roast our coffee at Kurasu Nishijin Roastery, Kyoto with a 6kg semi-hot blast roaster made by Giesen. ⁠

⁠By roasting with radiant heat that makes use of its high heat storage, the machine helps us roast a coffee with a solf, complex flavor and texture.⁣⁠

⁣⁠We serve the same lineup of coffee in our Kyoto branch, coffee is shipped fresh weekly on a express package, taking 4-5 days to reach us from our cafes in Kyoto.

Come and try an unique and exclusive single origin coffee lineup here at Kurasu Bangkok⁠


⁠Current Coffee Lineup⁣⁠

-NEW- [Premium] Costa Rica Finca Principe Azul  [Light Roast] -  BEANS 100g - 690THB

-NEW- Guatemala Francisco Perez [Light Roast]  - BEANS 100g - 350THB

-NEW- Kenya Kiangundo AB [Dark Roast] - BEANS 100g - 390THB

Kenya Kegwa AB [Light Roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB

Bolivia Finca Senda Salvaje [Dark Roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB

Aki Urara Blend [Medium Roast] BEANS 100g - 380THB

Brazil Cachoeira de Grama [Light Roast] BEANS 100g - 350THB

Ethiopia Sidamo Logita [Light Roast] BEANS 100g - 350THB

Mexico El Triunfo Decafe [Dark Roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB 

Kurasu House Blend Dark BEANS 100g - 350THB

House Blend Kurasu Bangkok Blend BEANS 100g - 250THB 


Order Coffee Beans  

สั้งเมล็ดกาแฟผ่าน Lineman ส่งฟรี 6กม. แรก 

Kurasu Bangkok - Coffee Beans & Drip bag 

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