Current Coffee Lineup⁣⁠

Kurasu's Nishijin Roastery is where the magic happens!

We roast our specialty coffee with Giesen W6A and Loring S35 Kestrel, then the coffee will be shipped to be enjoyed by our customers all over the world.

And finally, we're roasting locally here in Bangkok!

After opening Bangkok for three years.  We build a team full of positive energy.  And it's a wonderful opportunity for us, Kosuke head roaster of Kurasu came over to set up the roasting system with The Loring S7 Nighthawk . 

So you can be sure that every coffee will come out to the best possible of Kurasu's standards.

⁣⁠We serve the same lineup of coffee in our Kyoto branch, coffee is shipped fresh weekly on a express package, taking 4-5 days to reach us from our cafes in Kyoto.

Come and try an unique and exclusive single origin coffee lineup here at Kurasu Bangkok⁠


⁠Current Coffee Lineup⁣⁠

Ethiopia Gesha Village Surma 1931 [Light roast] BEANS 100g - 1,690THB

*COE* Honduras Claudia Murcia [Light roast] BEANS 100g - 890THB

Ethiopia Anasora [Light roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB

El Salvador Oscar Aguilar [Medium roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB

Colombia Luis Jaime Campo [Light roast] BEANS 100g - 350THB

KENYA Gathaithi AA [Light roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB

Mexico El Triunfo Decafe [Dark Roast] BEANS 100g - 390THB 

House Blend Kurasu Bangkok Blend BEANS 100g - 250THB 


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